MyShield Disinfectant for Home Use 500ml
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Brand Myshield Khingdom Remedies
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  • 500ml
  • Strenght formula - for home use
  • Kills viruses, bacteria, fungi and mold effectively up to 99.999%within seconds
  • Destroys the pollutant
  • Neutralizesbad odors
  • Non-alcohol
  • Food grade

Shield kills viruses, bacteria, fungi and mold effectively up to 99.999% within seconds and destroys the pollutant.


Shield by Khingdom incorporates nanotechnology, provides instant 99.999% kill rate of bacteria, viruses, mold and fungi within seconds when activated on all surfaces.  Use daily to keep your family and home away from harmful bacteria and viruses.  This unique disinfectant has the ability to neutralize even the strongest of odours.


Disinfects floors, kitchen counters, carpets, car seats, pushchairs, high chairs, toys, play area, mobile phones, shopping trolleys, door knobs, sports & gym equipment, office desks, cinemas, bathrooms etc.


Neutralizes bad odors such as cigarette smoke, athlete foot, shoes, gym equipment, pets, litter boxes, garbage, sewage, vomit and many more.



Natural mineral Nano Zinc and distilled water


Test Methods

EN1040:2005 – Bio Synergy Laboratories Sdn Bhd
7919185822-CHM10-01-LX – TUV SUD PSB Singapore

What's in the box

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